360 Intelligent Marketing is a custom market research firm that involves you in every step of the project development to ensure you get the answers to the questions that impact your business.  Our research methodology ensures a random sample and statistically valid results.


By surveying a large representative sample, you can gain statistically valid feedback on your target market.

  • Telephone A speedy, accurate way to survey consumers with both closed-ended and open-ended questions.
  • Web Implement surveys quickly and affordably for your key audiences, whether business to business or consumer.  Best when desired target population consists mainly of internet users.
  • Mail/Paper Survey specialized populations via well crafted written questionnaires. Paper surveys can be combined with web surveys to reach non-internet users.
  • Intercept interviews (or exit interviews) Our skilled interviewers survey visitors or customers following their shopping experience.


Designed to generate more in-depth understanding of underlying issues, our qualitative surveys involve guided discussion with a much smaller number of participants.

  • In-depth interviews Our one-on-one interviews (or “in-depths”) are conducted in person or by phone by our skilled interviewers.
  • Focus groups  We moderate interactive, group interviews where attitudes towards new products/services or various topics are explored.  360 Intelligent Marketing offers traditional in-person or online groups with dual moderators.