Laura Teufel
Laura TeufelPresident & Founder
Laura brings nearly twenty years of marketing and planning experience in the healthcare, hospital and pharmaceutical industries and has an MBA and MHA (Health Administration) from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to founding 360 Intelligent Marketing in 2004, she led analyses in the marketing departments of a specialty hospital and a major corporate health system. Areas of expertise include market research, market analysis, focus group moderation, strategic planning and demand forecasting. To support the Pittsburgh community, she has served on multiple boards and volunteers with a number of other nonprofit groups, including Mt. Lebanon Village. Laura brings a deep understanding of strategic marketing issues, as well as a solid background in statistical analysis and quantitative research methodologies.
Susan Crookston
Susan CrookstonPrincipal
Susan has a breadth of corporate and nonprofit experience that gives her a unique perspective on business problems. She has been intimately involved in launching two successful start-up companies, and has worked for several large multinational corporations including Procter & Gamble, Ford, and General Motors. In the nonprofit arena, she supervised over 1,100 volunteers as director of a nonprofit that is part of the National Park System and served as CEO for a nonprofit consulting corporation. On a volunteer basis, she received an award given at Congress for humanitarian service. Susan completed her undergraduate work at Duke University and The London School of Economics, and got her MBA thanks to a scholarship from the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Susan’s expertise at 360 Intelligent Marketing relates to strategy and marketing.


Sherry Daswani
Sherry DaswaniConsultant
Sherry’s background includes guiding a wide variety of healthcare organizations including hospitals, public health departments, drug stores, and a major pharmaceutical firm. She has an MBA and an MHA from the University of Pittsburgh, where she focused on improving technology within the healthcare industry. Sherry devised strategy, market research, and pharmacovigilance for public health departments in 12 states and promoted an innovative country-wide disease surveillance system supported by Homeland Security. At Bristol Myers-Squibb, she managed business development for start-up technology products and developed processes for medication safety and global research coordination. Sherry’s expertise at 360 Intelligent Marketing is in market research tools, business development, process improvement, and working with organizations to effectively deliver solutions.
Betsy Monroe
Betsy MonroeConsultant
Betsy has an MBA and MHA from the University of Pittsburgh, where she focused on issues related to aging and long-term care. Since then she has developed a breadth of experience in product management for a dominant regional health insurer, where she worked in areas including strategy, product planning, market research, and regulatory compliance. She has also consulted for several Medicare Plus Choice plan start-ups and conducted primary market research, including focus group moderation, for a major tertiary health system. Betsy’s strength at 360 Intelligent Marketing lies in finding the root cause and proactively answering our clients’ next question.